Saturday, June 6, 2020

A Part Of It

It was two hours past noontime - I finished my bath, spread on a classic moisturizer yet skipped the sunblock, topped with my favorite bb cream and dabbed on my normal amount of concealer. I did all my routine - from base to grooming my eyebrows to that last touch of lipstick on my lips. Everything felt familiar, of course. Except this time i did not have to go anywhere. No paper to sign on, no bus to catch. I’m just here, at home, like yesterday, and the day before that. 

Each day I think of something I’d like to do. May it be to watch reviews of the latest bag collection I’m eyeing on, or to finally practice that pinoy ulam recipe I’ve been meaning to try.. Today, I thought of fixing myself the way I always do for work. When I think deeply on it, I realized it’s something my body has always yearned on - this situation I mean - roughly 10 hours of sleep everyday, no alarm to wake up to, a week of lazing around, I’m free to watch or read whatever I fancy on. Definitely having the time of my life.

Yet today, of everything I’m free to do, I thought of putting make up to my face.

You see, I’m a deep thinker. You can let me sit for as long as you want and I wouldn’t get bored for I let my mind wander. And at night, after reading a few pages to aid me to sleep, I’d shut my eyes and think of places I’d want
 to be. Mostly I think of happy thoughts. Like the dream house I have always wished of designing or the cancelled vacation plan my husband and I were supposed to have two weeks ago; then , every so often, for a brief moment, I remember myself back in my office, staring at the oval shaped window that reveals just the most beautiful office view anyone could ever imagine. 

I realized, I ache to see it again.


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