Saturday, December 14, 2019

In A World Where Everybody Vlogs

Let’s write.

No... before you start thinking, I have nothing against vlogging. Frankly, I would have created my own YouTube channel too, if not for the fact that I just cannot bear the sound of my voice in my own instagram story. Yes.. so you could imagine my history full of photos and captions and boomerangs, just everything without my voice on it. 

Anyway, it must be Jane The Virgin or the fact that I have not written anything in a loooong time, or that I am still on the losing streak on Mobile Legends, whichever the reason is, I miss writing..... a lot. And watching Jane getting inspired noting down whatever comes to her mind may it be inside the bus or in Rogelio’s shooting set -  it made me miss writing carelessly all the thoughts that flow into me. I believe I owe this blog an update on everything that happened for the past two years. So, I made a list of highlights I wish to cover on:

  1. On getting married - YES... I GOT MARRIED. And partly, I believe the stress of all the preparation got me away from blogging; but thinking about it now, from the seemingly endless stressful preparation to the undoubtedly happiest day of my life, I have no idea where to begin.
  2. Maldives/Singapore honeymoon - because there is honestly no better place for honeymoon than Maldives. 
  3. Japan trip - One my favorite country fyi. Definitely deserves not only a spot on this blog but a comeback! 
  4. Taj Mahal Visit - I don’t always report for work without decent sleep but I did for this. Wonder of the world you guys! 

I hope I could cover it all the soonest possible time. I am now on my 3rd out of my 5 days off , just need to do quick laundry, ironing and perhaps one or two home-cooked meals then I have the rest of the day free; so crossing my fingers for another entry tomorrow.  

Anyhoo, ending this post with a photo of my husband and I from our recent trip to Japan. 

Yes. I married the love of my life. 

Stay tuned! 


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