Monday, December 16, 2019

A Visit To Taj Mahal

I may have visited various cities in India yet it was only recently that I witnessed first hand the beauty of Taj Mahal. As with all the other layovers, we were given 25 hours to stay in the beautiful city of Delhi. Touchdown was around 5 in the afternoon plus all the airport routines and road traffic, we were able to check in at about 7 in the evening. I have planned for it prior to flight so I contacted a tourist guide even before our departure. They would normally do a day tour from 7/8 AM until 7/8 PM for the price of 6500 rupees for 3 persons inclusive of toll tax, fuel, parking and tour guide inside the Taj Mahal. They were a recommendation from a fellow crew so it was a plus that he had the experience since we had to adjust our tour schedule a lot earlier since our pick up time for that same day is around 4 in the afternoon. 

With only 3 hours of sleep, we left the hotel at 2:30 in the morning. I do not know about my colleague but I sneaked some shut eye from time to time. By the time of sunrise, we stopped along a souvenir shop which was in partnership with the tour group. Saree rental is for 800 rupees that  I later on found out was expensive since the normal rent price is only around 300; but then again, who would open for us at sunrise? Yes?

Taj Mahal park opens from sunrise to sunset. Even by then, there was already a queue for entrance. Fee for foreigners if I remember it right is 1,100 rupees with additional if you wish to get inside the Taj Mahal itself. Prior to being captivated by its beauty, you’d see the  gigantic Taj Mahal gate “Darwaza-I-Rauza” or also known as the great gate. 

I must say that the great gate made a huge impact when it finally revealed the majestic wonder of the world. 

Can I just say that of all the places I’ve been to, this has the most beautiful history? I mean, it was built  for a lasting love, what could be more romantic than that? 

You would see tourist from different places and even a lot more of their locals. Professional photographers were also all over the place for that Instagram worthy shot. Since we didn’t have the luxury of time, we opted not to get inside the Taj Mahal . It was a lost opportunity indeed but we couldn’t risk to stay longer than planned since we had a flight to catch in few hours. 

After 500 photos and poses, we left the park, returned the saree and traveled back to our hotel at 9 in the morning. When I woke up after 3 hours, we were already in Delhi just few minutes from the hotel. Our driver was professional and respectful. you can google “Unique Holiday Trip India” for more reviews or if you wish to have their WhatsApp number, feel free to message me. 

Needless to say, I had enough time for sleep before our pick up yet for some reason I busied myself with other things. You see, I don’t always go to work with minimal rest but there are places worth the exception. 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

In A World Where Everybody Vlogs

Let’s write.

No... before you start thinking, I have nothing against vlogging. Frankly, I would have created my own YouTube channel too, if not for the fact that I just cannot bear the sound of my voice in my own instagram story. Yes.. so you could imagine my history full of photos and captions and boomerangs, just everything without my voice on it. 

Anyway, it must be Jane The Virgin or the fact that I have not written anything in a loooong time, or that I am still on the losing streak on Mobile Legends, whichever the reason is, I miss writing..... a lot. And watching Jane getting inspired noting down whatever comes to her mind may it be inside the bus or in Rogelio’s shooting set -  it made me miss writing carelessly all the thoughts that flow into me. I believe I owe this blog an update on everything that happened for the past two years. So, I made a list of highlights I wish to cover on:

  1. On getting married - YES... I GOT MARRIED. And partly, I believe the stress of all the preparation got me away from blogging; but thinking about it now, from the seemingly endless stressful preparation to the undoubtedly happiest day of my life, I have no idea where to begin.
  2. Maldives/Singapore honeymoon - because there is honestly no better place for honeymoon than Maldives. 
  3. Japan trip - One my favorite country fyi. Definitely deserves not only a spot on this blog but a comeback! 
  4. Taj Mahal Visit - I don’t always report for work without decent sleep but I did for this. Wonder of the world you guys! 

I hope I could cover it all the soonest possible time. I am now on my 3rd out of my 5 days off , just need to do quick laundry, ironing and perhaps one or two home-cooked meals then I have the rest of the day free; so crossing my fingers for another entry tomorrow.  

Anyhoo, ending this post with a photo of my husband and I from our recent trip to Japan. 

Yes. I married the love of my life. 

Stay tuned!