Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Life Lately: Volume 2

Watching: Random Netflix movies  that tickle my fancy. I’m in a serious need of series worth binge-watching. Recommendations, anyone? 💙

Listening: while the lot are into Drake’s “In my Feelings”, I put myself in constant heartsick state with Ed Sheeran’s Happier. The music you listen to may not always have to do something about you. Defensive? Nope. I just anticipate how mind works. *winkwink!

Food: Leche flan is my latest achievement unlocked in the kitchen series! I actually tried a number of dishes last month between my back to back 4 legssss (lol yes motivation is the key), though for laziness reason, I now lost like most of it. Nevertheless, my friends haven’t commented any improvement tips on my leche flan- either it was really that good for a first try or they love me THAAAT much. Haha. Needless to say, I’m planning to make one again tomorrow!

Last Place I Visited: Colombo, Sri Lanka. Seafood was awesome as always but the pairing made me cranky which I believe is a normal aftermath of duty time with 14 hours or so~ good thing I finally got their snow globe edition because I ain’t bidding for it unless I need so.

Reading: None. Sad. :(

Playing: PUBG. wasn’t active as I was before but it is still my most used app in game category. The fiancé was persuading me to get the Nintendo Switch and I’m now like 50% convinced yet still waiting for a new reason to persuade me otherwise!

Random: Turning a year older in few days time and me being totally non ecstatic about it is a constant reminder just how old I’m becoming. Perhaps because life was a little rough lately, but I like to believe I'm handling it well. After all, The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, is it?