Thursday, February 15, 2018

In Place Where Everything Is Made Of (?) (Guangzhou, China)

It was quite recently when China made their crew visa validity into full year rather than the old, 6 months term. I used to exclude China layover on my desired places to bid, as my attempt to avoid the hassle of visa application. When I heard the good news, I knew it was finally time I work on requirements and explore the country where everything is made of.

There's nothing better in Guangzhou than its legit Chinese food. Asians will always be Asians and  although my mother could probably only mention fried rice as the food I can eat all day, everyday; we, Filipinos know just how well we adapted the Chinese cuisine. So a taste of Chinese food in between kebabs, shawarma and biryani is definitely a taste of home.

The prices of these humongous servings are comparable to that of Phils so even the budget itself feels homey. Alhamdulillah my housemate discovered a halal certified restaurant, so eating Chinese food worry-free, became more heavenly.

Above is the address for the mentioned restaurant. Just present it to the taxi driver as communication may be quite challenging when  you have zero knowledge of their native language. I recommend having google translate app ready and a list of places you would like to visit in Chinese translation.

Of course shopping comes second. I had no plan of buying a lot but the low prices are too much to disregard. With good haggling skills, you can get the items for only half of the prices in our local boutiques in Philippines. I came back to our hotel carrying a plastic full of cheap clothes, footwear and whatnot.
Because we went out straight after the flight plus the 10 degree weather I was not prepared of,  I believe any picture of myself on that day isn't worth sharing in this blog. lol. Still I hadn't went through a full tour of the city, perhaps later, when the temperature will feel like that of Philippines.
Short layover indeed, but I can say no regrets on the hassle of visa application. :)

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