Tuesday, December 19, 2017

London, Once Again

When I updated the fiance of my future whereabouts, he responded with an inquiry, that needless to say, I haven't bother to think about for a while. "Pang ilan London mo na yan?" It was four months or so that I haven't had a layover in the place and I clearly remember how the adrenaline and excitement for the coming shopping spree made us left the hotel in quick 10 minutes during my last visit. This month, nevertheless, London was on my priority list, not for me to splurge, but to see the famous Winter Wonderland and witness first hand the lights of Oxford Street.

The fiance's question left me reflecting on how, with the number of times I came to London, why do I get the feeling I have only seen so little of it? The places on my list I have yet to visit was as long as it was last year. Knowing our layover will start in the morning, I was determined to scratch a few destinations off my list.

1. First stop - King's Cross Station
 A tour in Warner Bros Studio is an ultimate bucket list, but since a limited number of tickets are sold in a day, I'm still waiting for the perfect timing. Anyway, the platform 9 3/4 station still fueled with joy my HP fanatic heart.

Beside the station is an HP souvenir shop where they sell all sort of HP stuff mostly categorized by houses - from key chains, magnets, jackets, and what have you. I was eyeing on the Marauder's Map, but since I didn't have extra pounds with me, we left the place with a vow to buy it next time. 

2. Buckingham Palace

A close up photograph will undeniably reveal the fatigue in my eyes. The temperature was dropping as the sun started to disappear beneath the horizon. The pain on my toes was too much to ignore either; but the night was young, and we just started on our second destination.

Notice beyond the gate.

Ayesa and I and the palace behind. :-)

3. Green Park

It was not on my list but I'm happy it's like a pre-destination before you can get on to Buckingham. :-) Not entirely certain if it was the lack of oxygen or too much walking, but my feet demanded rest and with its view, surely there was no better place to sit , relax and rest. I imagine the place would be lovelier in spring. 

4. Oxford Street

So here's a spoiler -  we didn't make it to Winter Wonderland. Because 1. Exhaustion is replacing all my energy and 2. With the temperature, never did I plan to get on the rides, plus all I ever wanted was to see the place. So we spent the rest of the evening admiring the beautiful lights of Oxford Street.

Plus a little shopping. *lol

Oxford Street was jam-packed as always. Year-end sale is just around the corner so tourist and locals will definitely make the most out of it. I couldn't remember the exact time we decided to go home, yet I do know Ayesa and I were sleeping for the greater part throughout the trip. By the time we were just one bus ride away from the hotel, the temperature was too much to bear. What I thought earlier was overdressed was obviously the contrary at that moment. Winter has its ways of making me hate it. 
Nonetheless, I still found myself bidding for London next month <3

Alhamdulillah we arrived in the hotel safe and sound. 
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  1. Ma sha Allah. I am so halal inggit sisssums! I wanna travel to London as well. Youre so blessed. <3

  2. Wow just one of my dream places that I want to visit! Feeling envious right now! especially on that King's Cross Station and HP souvenir shop huhu

    Bia S. | www.biasambrano.com