Saturday, November 25, 2017

Life Lately Volume 1

So I gave another attempt on Game of Thrones, and the next thing I knew, I finished one season in a day. Brutal killings and betrayals are still not of my liking, but the twist and turn are too much to sleep on. Also, I have been patiently watching Star Wars series - something not of my interest as well, but the boyfriend is an avid fan and I am the best girlfriend, ever (lol). Only halfway done with it so I'm not giving any feedback just yet.

My playlist "Rania's Chill Vibes" on my boyfriend's spotify account is still on repeat just as how it was a month ago. The latest song I added was released back in 1999 by Savage Garden. I am certainly the last person you would want to converse with in the subject of music.

While I continuously fail with my healthy meal, the contrary happens with my water intake. I found myself opting for water more often than before, and my intake of sodas is now limited to 2-3 cans in a month.

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - About a german boy and a french girl trapped in the time of World War II. If not for Game of Thrones, I would have finished this book by now. I try to think of a possible ending to its story every time I read, but my brain cannot produce any predictions. Well, I do expect it to be happy, or if not, at least a hopeful one.

Lucknow, India - The city view surprised me a little too late when I had my lunch shortly before our flight back to base. The day previous of that, I just locked myself in my room with internet on like the introvert that I am. Perhaps, next time!


  1. Hi Rania! first time visiting your blog. I'm glad I hopped into yours.

    I love Game of thrones!!!! tbh, I'm already dreading the fact that tomorrow would be the last season :( I hope you finish it because it's really a masterpiece of our generation.. (I know I'm over exaggerating but the storyline and the characters, you could say that george rr martin is a bad genius haha)

    1. Omg yes, couldn't agree more! I finished all 7 seasons and now stoked for season 8. We could only wish they'll extend the storyline (which is highly impossible) huhu

      Thank you for dropping by, by the way. Happy Holidays! <3