Monday, September 11, 2017

Quick Update

Hello Loves ☺️ Twenty days left of my vacation and I totally regret not bringing my laptop with me. I'm stuck with my 5 inch mobile phone and unbelievable slow internet connection, thus, you'll always find me on twitter and instagram.

The things I'd like to blog about is piling up day by day - to start with the stressful week I went through before my vacation, how I welcomed my 26th birthday, from the latest books I read and until my recent make up haul - unfortunately my mobile phone is the most inconvenient thing when it comes to blogging so all that must wait until I get my hands back on my laptop. In relation to that, time is flying like it's catching a 10 hours delayed flight. It went by so fast, what have I done for the past two weeks? It doesn't even feel that I already stayed here for exactly 16 days. If only by some miracle I can extend my vacation :( but reality is inevitable you guys, there is no option left for me but to think positively and make the most out of my remaining days ☺️
I initially planned to attach the most decent from my latest photos taken on my birthday but I have yet to figure out how. So for now, let me shamelessly plug my social accounts: twitterinstagram, and sarahah :) Needless to say, and are way better! ☺️


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