Monday, July 3, 2017


The clock says it's 15 minutes til 6 o clock and I think of how much I dread small talks. My mind happens to function abnormally slow when starting conversations and I seem to always give short, boring and pointless responses. When you're shy and awkward, exchanging goodbyes and hellos with someone familiar you just met in the middle of the road isn't something you will always look forward to. Even responding to compliments is something I would have to think through.

For all that, isnt it ironic how at the end of the day, I yearn to have someone I can talk to - how I cried my heart out on some famous romantic movie I randomly saw while I was having my lunch, the bedroom set on 50% off that I scored today in the grocery, my annoyance on ironing and all other adulting shits, and even the homesickness that I still get on the most random hours of the day.  Isn't it nice to have someone you can carelessly pour your heart out to - may it be your childish and pointless rants or your life's most saddening thoughts - he's there to listen, not because you told him to, but because  he honestly cares.

If ever you found someone who's interested in your thoughts like it's the fuel of his soul, you're the lucky one.


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