Friday, March 10, 2017

Paris 2017

I certainly hope this wasn't my first and last. I have no plan of resigning soon, nor search for a new job, and I haven't gotten myself a Paris starbucks mug, yet, but fate... as always, has many ways of surprising us.

We started off our day with the nearest beauty -  Arc de Triomphe. It was everyone's first except me. However, on my last visit of the city, my colleagues and I toured through a private car so I was just as good as the first-timers in regards to directions. Wi-fi connections did not seem easy to find so it was a good thing maps and detailed instructions were given in the hotel.

In the midst of the busy street and the bipolar weather, each one of us successfully took poses with Arc de Triomphe in the background.

Then we went on to Louvre Museum. The weather was getting worse, that for the second time within the day, we had to stay under a roof for some time then go out along with the slightest hint of the sun for decent photos.

It was freezing cold the time we reached the Eiffel Tower. It was the lack of preparation in regards to clothing as neither one of us expected a 5 degrees centigrade. My clothes were good enough but I was too complacent that I intentionally did not bring with me my winter gloves, which resulted later on to my hands in the state of frostnip.
We rested on for a bit just so we can recharge the lost energy from all the walking and stress of the weather. I had my first taste of legit french nutella crepe, and unlike the french croissant that I had on my last visit, will surely get another bite of it on my next Paris layover.

It was past sunset when we decided to get back to the hotel. For first timers with ample time, it is highly recommended to transport around the city with a public bus. Metro is indeed faster, but there's nothing you can see underground. As for the souvenirs, the ones nearest to the Eiffel tower, as expected, sell with highest price. The pretty keychains I bought for 3 euros each, they sell it for 6 euros. I recommend to take a small walk towards the nearest train station, and there you'll find all kinds of souvenirs in a way, way cheaper price.

My best purchase was the Avene Thermal Spring Water - known for its wonders for years, with high ratings plus good reviews. Pharmacies are just anywhere in Paris so you wouldn't have a hard time looking for it. It is expensive in the Philippines and KSA as well, of course i had it much cheaper as the ingredient itself -  the spring water - is from France. :-) Religiously using for about a week now; so far i have not been disappointed yet.

That was everything for my recent Paris layover. No new destination for me this month, but I'll be going home <3 so that is something I look forward to.
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