Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Glimpse of London in the Middle of March

Flying for eight months and I've been to London for almost the same number of times.   There is no complaint here as if someone would ask what my favorite city would be, apart from my hometown of course, London, certainly,  is on top of my list. Despite the number of times I have visited the city, still, there is so much I have yet to see.

So I operated London flight this month, about a week ago, and what made it unlike any other flight was that I flew with two of my batch mates. <3 Surely nothing stressful will last throughout the flight as you always have someone you can vent your rants with haha! #perks lol

For some reason, despite the happy company, I did not feel like going out the afternoon we arrived so I just went out with them the next day.
Well, what do you know... We started posing, smiling and taking selfies even before we left the hotel and stopped only when we no longer looked camera fresh ~lol

We went to Hounslow Central, with just about 10-15 minutes travel time via metro from the hotel. The weather was good. There wasn't any sign of spring yet. We still had our winter clothes on for the cold breath of air, but it's the kind of cold you would want to touch your face.
 Winter is on its end, am i the only one stoked  for spring?

Three more days until we welcome the forth month of the year. I've seen photos of beautiful florals and all the lively signs of spring on other places over facebook and instagram, yet I'm not quite sure if everything is similar in London now. Nevertheless, I'm going back next month but made no plans yet; certainly I'm hoping for a brighter and warmer one :)

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