Friday, February 24, 2017

Yet Another New Blog, First Post Kind of Post

Lol at my introductory title,
I'm here again, with a new domain that isn't actually my top choice but figured it was cute, easy and short. Spent a couple of minutes reading tutorials on how to connect it with this blog and just when I thought how much of my knowledge of this blogging world have I forgotten, spent another hour installing and doing so little changes on a premade theme. *sigh gone are the days where I customized my own header, theme and all. My knowledge of ftp, css, and php are now buried in the deepest portion of my brain.

Anyhow, I don't really have a goal or whatever for having this blog. One day I realized how much I miss writing and ranting plus the feeling of being free to say whatever you desire without the fear of judgement and the like. So, I decided to create another space in the world wide web and inshaAllah, I can keep this one updated.

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