Friday, February 24, 2017

Diary #01

They say time flies when you are flying. In my case, it isn't. Today is the first week of the month, the next thing I know it will be the 31st. My weeks go on a blur so if there is anything faster than flying, then that would be it. Most of the time I make memories with people I barely even know. I ain't complaining, if this seems like that to you. I know there's a lot who have been dreaming of where I am right now, and this too, was once my dream. Eight months had passed and there was never a day that I became ungrateful for this opportunity. But as you grow older, more than the luxury of shopping and travel, you will realize that time spent with family and loved ones is what matters most.

On a positive note, I believe I've grown so much in the past eight months. You see, I was this youngest, spoiled, dependent baby girl of our family, so more than the washing, cooking and all the household chores, I learned to be independent, decisive, patient and indestructible. lol. jk. Firm and courageous are better adjectives. haha.

I plan to be home next month so I better log off now and spend the rest of my day looking for someone to trade my flights with. it felt awesome to just sit here and write whatever I want. til next time! :)


Yet Another New Blog, First Post Kind of Post

Lol at my introductory title,
I'm here again, with a new domain that isn't actually my top choice but figured it was cute, easy and short. Spent a couple of minutes reading tutorials on how to connect it with this blog and just when I thought how much of my knowledge of this blogging world have I forgotten, spent another hour installing and doing so little changes on a premade theme. *sigh gone are the days where I customized my own header, theme and all. My knowledge of ftp, css, and php are now buried in the deepest portion of my brain.

Anyhow, I don't really have a goal or whatever for having this blog. One day I realized how much I miss writing and ranting plus the feeling of being free to say whatever you desire without the fear of judgement and the like. So, I decided to create another space in the world wide web and inshaAllah, I can keep this one updated.

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